RA Siegel X-Change (B2B)

RA Siegel X-Change allows customers with B2B compliant retail software to automatically exchange electronic documents with R.A. Siegel. The term B2B (Business-to-Business) can be simply defined as the exchanging of information between two businesses over the internet. Many flooring distributors and manufacturers are using software today that is designed around the Floor Covering B2B standard. The standard was created to simplify the ability to exchange electronic documents between different computer systems. If you would like additional information, you may visit the Floor Covering B2B Standard website:

R.A. Siegel is able to exchange the following document types:

R.A. Siegel is currently exchanging documents with the following software vendors:


To register for R.A. Siegel X-Change, please click here to complete the online registration form.

After your form is received, someone will contact you in 1-2 business days to initiate the setup in your software. Please note that the setup process varies between software vendors.

If would like more information on RA Siegel X-Change or need further assistance, please contact:

Customer Service
404-355-1880 or 800-476-9818